The Alternate Reality Game
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"I'll always hope that the universe is bigger than our limitations"

Richard Pryor - Timeline researcher

"The hand of god is stronger than any finger."

Aion - "Divine Mind"

"Somewhere out there in the cosmos, man is not alone."

Raya Bhairavi - Voidic translator

"I believe life will prevail because it is greater than all forms of thought."

Guido de Francia - Author of "Citadel"

"There is no better reason for living than the prospect of a better life."

Reyris - Guardian

"Tragedies are not crafted by powerful men"

Poenf - Symbolism researcher

"To trust the power of understanding is the first step to destruction"

Fieron - Remote Viewer

"We are not perfect. We are just simulators."

Zyler - communications expert

"Life does not contain a lesson. Life is the lesson"

Roger Pool - Natural Law Contractor

"If an answer to all questions may exist, it shall either lie within you or be locked away beneath the earth where no man might find it."

Caelinus - Alpha Research Team

"The desire to lie is constant and desperate. The more you believe that your view of reality is right, the more to seek to rationalize that lie and to construct a world in which it seems as real as it possibly can be."

Mader White - Author of "Aphasia, a science of lies"

You stand before the simulation

The Vicarius Collective is the largest organization dedicated to the conscious participation in our simulated reality. If you stumbled upon this website, you are ready for your next step.

Nexus Paradigm

The first paradigm shift of 2020 has occurred. Nexus is here to revolutionize your reality! Featuring apocalyptic scenarios, escalating world-issues, and exciting new story archs that will keep you guessing what comes next.

We are formed by the following Axial Systems