About Envoic

Originally created by Ocerian Technologies, Envoic is a self-regulated artificial simulation framework that replicates all systems of Life. It is where you currently stand, and where all your ancestors stood before you. The program is overseen by an advanced AI known as ∅ (pronounced 'Ahn').

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Founded in 1956 by River Cyrus Dixon, the Vicarius Collective is the primary Neovirian community on I-982-A, being responsible for the integrity of the proxy system and overseeing the conscious users of this planet. As of June 2012 Ocearian's successor "Sigma Past Infinity" merged with Vicarius, taking control over a large majority of its institutions and directors, dawning the start of a new age..

Our main focus is Esocanology, the study of our simulated reality, and to serve as a safe haven for any conscious users as well as those that possess certain abilities. We are formed by a multitude of sub-systems which majority is composed of Iroh-Miren remnants from I-982, and governed by a self-ruling Ensiri Council as well as a Chief-Overseer.

This website is the latest central for our internet-based activities, following the Epsilon forums. It is directly linked to the proxy system therefore ascending the traditional internet protocols and serving as a beacon and user/system database. We provide services such as grid-based protection, online access to the Alpha Feed, EIC management, system registration, research frameworks and human experimentation software.

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